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The Diary of a Not-So-Popular Skinny Kid

Tracie Choates

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Middle School
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The Track Training Diary of a Not-So-Fast Skinny Kid

So, in the first book, Jack is in the 7th grade and wants to be popular middle school, like most kids, but the activities that Jack is involved in doesn’t seem to bring him popularity that he’s looking for. He’s a percussionist in the band and he’s in the robotics club. So he thinks by joining the Track Team he’ll be able to gain the popularity that he’s looking for. The problem with that is, he’s not an athletic guy, but he thinks just because he’s a small framed skinny guy that it shouldn’t be that difficult. That’s where all the funny, hilarious, and embarrassing things start to happen. From getting beat by a girls, to being teased by his little sister a home, and betrayals of his best friend. This book is a realistic fiction humorous book great for kids 8-12. Jack writes down his crazy moments in his diary whether if it’s at home with his mom, dad, sister, or things that may take place at school. There are some pretty cool events that take place in school, like a talent show and outside of school he actually runs a 5K with his dad. So definitely don’t want to give it all away. But it’s crazy funny! 

The Sports Diary of a Not-So-Athletic Skinny Kid

In the second book Jack is in his last year of middle school in 8th grade, and he still wants more popularity. Jack is voted to be on his school’s sports team to compete against other schools in the same district for a school fundraiser. The sports that are involved in the competition are football, basketball, dodge-ball, track, tennis, and tug-a-war, but again- it’s hilarious because Jack is still Jack- not athletic! Jack also gets a new friend in this book, she’s new to the state and school and neighborhood. Jack also has some quick introductions to other family members because of the fundraiser. The fundraiser is to help with courts and fields supporting the school sports. It’s plenty of gross, slimy, scary funny things that happen, with a couple of falls and hits and bumps along the way! And Jack records all of the highlights in his diary.

The Diary of a 

Not-So-Not Popular Skinny Kid

Now Jack is in his second semester and last year in middle school.  A continuation of him trying to have all eyes on him. Jack actually joins the news club at school. And he agrees to do some would you rather’s. All of the challenges that Jack does are quite slimy, messy, cold, and maybe a little scary, if the unknown scares you. Nothing too scary, just really funny at the end of the day!

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Skinny Kid books!

The Track Training Diary... and The Sports Diary of a Not-So-Athletic Skinny Kid 

AJC Book Fair 2018

The Track Training Diary... and The Sports Diary of a Not-So-Athletic Skinny Kid 

AJC Book Fair 2018

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Middle School, Diary of a, Funny,

A favorite moment:  I loved to see the kids read a few pages from the book then immediately turn around and beg their parents to buy the book. 

Another favorite moment: A young lady bought the book on Saturday and came back on Sunday and and told me how much she was enjoying the book.

Tracie Choates, AJC Book Festival
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Another favorite moment: Several little boys said it reminded them of themselves.  A mother actually made a young boy explain why he thought he would enjoy the book, and I was impressed how well he spoke about why.  So of course,  she bought the book for him.

Another favorite moment:  I had one mother laughing so hard, she couldn't believe how closely the character reminded her of her son.  She said she had no choice but to get the book for her son.

Professional Reviews

Professional Reviews

"In Choates’… first YA novel, a young man barely survives middle school challenges on and off the track while learning life lessons."-Kirkus Reviews

“Choates offers a believable protagonist in Jack as a kind of middle school Everykid: somewhat nerdy, painfully insecure, needing to belong where it counts, and not above desperate lying.”- Kirkus Reviews

"A promising YA debut…"-Kirkus Reviews

The Track Training Diary of a Not-So-Fast Skinny Kid

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Skinny Kid Books!

The Track Training Diary... and The Sports Diary of a Not-So Athletic Skinny Kid 

AJC Book Fair 2018

The Track Training Diary... and The Sports Diary of a Not-So Athletic Skinny Kid

AJC Book Fair 2018