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In the first book, Jack is in the 7th grade and wants to be popular middle school, like most kids, but the activities that Jack is involved in, doesn’t seem to bring him popularity that he’s looking for. 

In the second book Jack is in his last year of middle school in 8th grade, and he still wants more popularity. Jack is voted to be on his school’s sports team to compete against other schools in the same district for a school fundraiser. 

Now Jack is in his second semester and last year in middle school.  A continuation of him trying to have all eyes on him. Jack actually joins the news club at school. And he agrees to do some Would You Rather’s. All of the challenges quite slimy, messy, cold, and maybe a little scary, if the unknown scares you. Nothing too scary, just really funny at the end of the day!

Professional Reviews

Professional Reviews

"In Choates’… first YA novel, a young man barely survives middle school challenges on and off the track while learning life lessons."-Kirkus Reviews

“Choates offers a believable protagonist in Jack as a kind of middle school Everykid: somewhat nerdy, painfully insecure, needing to belong where it counts, and not above desperate lying.”- Kirkus Reviews

"A promising YA debut…"-Kirkus Reviews

The Track Training Diary of a Not-So-Fast Skinny Kid

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