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A favorite moment:  I loved to see the kids read a few pages from the book then immediately turn around and beg their parents to buy the book. 

Another favorite moment: A young lady bought the book on Saturday and came back on Sunday and and told me how much she was enjoying the book.

Tracie Choates

Another favorite moment: Several little boys said it reminded them of themselves.  A mother actually made a young boy explain why he thought he would enjoy the book, and I was impressed how well he spoke about why.  So of course,  she bought the book for him.

Another favorite moment:  I had one mother laughing so hard, she couldn't believe how closely the character reminded her of her son.  She said she had no choice but to get the book for her son.

Professional Reviews

"If you like wimpy kid, You'll love Jack Vandergriff"

THE TRACK TRAINING DIARY OF A NOT-SO-FAST SKINNY KID is filled with humor, quirky characters, and laugh-out-loud adventures. All Jack Vandergriff wants is to be awesome at something in middle school. Track seems like a good idea, right? Unfortunately there are a few problems. Like, as a runner, he's not so fast. Like, his bratty little sister has a big mouth. Like, his best friend Broc turns into an enemy for no reason Jack can figure out. Jack starts a diary to record all his great races. But he can't help telling about everything else going on in his quest for greatness — even when it's not so great. Whether he's winning or losing, you can't help rooting for him. THE TRACK TRAINING DIARY OF A NOT-SO-FAST SKINNY KID is a fun and funny book for middle school readers." -Amazon Vine Voice

Professional Reviews

"In Choates’… first YA novel, a young man barely survives middle school challenges on and off the track while learning life lessons."-Kirkus Reviews

“Choates offers a believable protagonist in Jack as a kind of middle school Everykid: somewhat nerdy, painfully insecure, needing to belong where it counts, and not above desperate lying.”- Kirkus Reviews

"A promising YA debut…"-Kirkus Reviews

The Track Training Diary of a Not-So-Fast Skinny Kid

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